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Philip Smith

Philip Smith is an ancestor of mine, and I know so little about him. He was born about 1800 in Pennsylvania. He was a farmer in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, and found in the 1850 and 1860 census. He died sometime after that.


He married Mary Weaver, whom I know even less about.


Their children are:

1) Caroline Smith, born about 1828

2) Peggy A. Smith, born about 1830

3) Elizabeth Smith, born about 1835

4) Samuel S. Smith, born 1836, m: Mary <surname unknown>

5) James Smith, born 1837

6) Sarah G. Smith, born 13 Feb 1840, died 19 Jun 1921, m: Absalom Solomon Doutt Jr.

7) Philip Smith, born about 1841

8) George Smith, born about 1846

9) Thompson P. Smith, born about 1849

(The above children's names came from the census, and I have little proof to offer on most of them.)


Smith is a difficult name to research. I would love to hear from anyone who thinks they might be able to tie into this line, or who has information about these Smiths.

You can contact me at I am always happy to hear from you. whether you send additional information, corrections, photographs, or write just to chat.