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William E. Wescott


Pictured are the children of William E. Wescott and Caroline Strong, about 1890

Back row: Arthur, Charles, Nell, Fred, Myron

Front row: Bertha, Laura, Mary, Rosa


William E. Wescott was born 1830 in Nova Scotia, and died 23 Jan 1892 in Marshalltown, Iowa. He is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Marshalltown, Iowa.


He married Caroline May Strong. She was born 10 Jun 1839 in PA, and died 1894 in Marshalltown, Iowa. She is buried in Rock Valley Cemetery in Marshalltown.


Their children are:

1) Charles Alfred Wescott, born 1858, m: Alice Busley

2) Myron Leander Wescott, born 1865, m: Myrtle Dunham

3) Laura Adelaide Wescott, born 1867, m: William Silas Van Artsdalen

4) Frederick George Wescott, born 1868, m: Anna Pearl

5) Mary Sofa Wescott, born 4 May 1870, died 30 Jan 1953, m: Samuel Blair Doutt

6) Armanella Nell Wescott, born 1872, m1: John W. McCune, m2: Mr. McDonald

7) Bertha Ada Wescott, born 1873, m1: Lawrence Nicholas Hanson, m2: William H. Waltz

8) Rosa Hannah Wescott, born 1879, m1: Joseph Binford Duncan, m2: Eugene Victor Saylor

9) Arthur Elmer Wescott, born 1882, m: Anna Pearl


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