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John Rennison


John Rennison was born 12 Jul 1779 in England, and died 20 Aug 1844 in Cooper County, Missouri. He is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Cooper County, Missouri.


He married Jane Creighton 13 May 1799 in Carlisle, Cumberland County, England.


Jane Creighton was born about 1777 in England.


John and Jane and their children came from Carlisle, England in 1820 to the United States, and settled in Cooper County, Missouri shortly thereafter.


Their children are:

1) Mary Rennison, born 1801, died 1802

2) John Rennison, born 1802, m: Ann Weeden

3) Mary Rennison, born 1804, m: James Cartner

4) George Rennison, born 1806, m1: Sally Stow, m2: Mary Jackson

5) Sarah Rennison, born 1808, m: Abel G. Hampton

6) James Rennison, born 1810, m: Sarah Robinson

7) Joseph Rennison, born 1813, m1: Aristine Seat, m2: Kesiah Robinson

8) Isaac Rennison, born 1816, m: Mary Woolery

9) William Rennison, born 1817, m1: Mary Yarnell, m2: Elizabeth Ann <surname unknown>


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