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Peter McNeil


Peter McNeil was born 5 Dec 1786, died 15 Feb 1849.


He married Mary Stiles on 23 Sep 1818.


Mary Stiles was born 6 Jun 1796 and died 20 Apr 1882.


Their children are:

1) Mary Jane McNeil, born 1817, m: N. Farnum

2) Hannah Elizabeth McNeil, born 1820, m: Fuller R. Tablot

3) William McNeil, m: Sarah Barnes

4) Cyrus Granville McNeil, born 1824, m1: Martha Ann Holt, m2: Caroline A. Bristol

5) John McNeil, born 1825, m: Mary Leah Pratt

6) James McNeil, born 1827, m: Jane Wilson

7) Rachel Patterson McNeil, born 1829, m: Captain James M. Tuttle

8) Abigail Stiles McNeil, born 1831

9) Peter Patterson McNeil, born 13 Sep 1833, m: Sarah Jane Elston

10) Harriet Newell McNeil, born 1835

11) Lydia Shaw McNeil, born 1840


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