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Samuel Blair Doutt


The Samuel Doutt family, about 1915

Back row: William A., Thomas W., Lois

Front row: Samuel B., Marjorie, Thelma Eunice, Marvin W., Mary


Samuel Blair Doutt was born 24 Feb 1867 in Greenup County, Kentucky. He died 2 Nov 1943 in Independence, Missouri, and is buried in Mt. Washington Cemetery in Independence.


He married Mary Sofa Wescott on 24 Nov 1891 in Independence. Mary Sofa Wescott was born 4 May 1871 in Marshalltown, Iowa, and she died 30 Jan 1953 in Independence. She is buried in Mt. Washington Cemetery with her husband.


Their children are:

1) William Absalom Doutt, born 1892, m: Elma Opal Dodson

2) Thomas Wescott Doutt, born 1894, m1: Josephine Betty Lewis, m2: Alma Annabel Case

3) Lois May Doutt, born 1896, m: William Jennings Bryan Bradshaw

4) Thelma Eunice Doutt, born 1902, m: Edgar Allen Linson

5) Marvin Wesley Doutt, born 14 Aug 1908, died 16 Sep 1980, m1: Mable Bane Case, m2: Mary Pearl Freeman

6) Marjorie Doutt, born 14 Aug 1908, died 16 Aug 1941

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