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Absalom Solomon Doutt, Jr.


Absalom Solomon Doutt Jr. and Sarah G. Smith


Absalom Solomon Doutt Jr., born 27 August 1835, died 26 July 1903, buried in Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas.

He married first to Margaret Jane Absher.

Their children:

1) William Theodore Doutt, born 1857, m: Rebecca Simpson


Absalom Solomon Doutt Jr. married secondly Sarah G. Smith, 26 July 1864.


Their children:

1) Mary Elizabeth Doutt, born 1865, m1: Mathew Walter McCormack, m2: Neil McDougall

2) Samuel Blair Doutt, born 24 Febraury 1867, m: Mary Sofa Wescott

3) Eda Ann Doutt, born 1868, m: James Thompson

4) Solomon Doutt, born 1871

5) Thomas Peter Doutt, born 1874, m: Lola Gibbons

6) Bertha May Doutt, born 1877, m1: Daniel Finnie, m2: Archie B. Conlan

7) Agnes Marie Doutt, born 1879, m: James Liter Herndon

8) Sarah Catherine Doutt, born 1882, m: Curtis Wilkerson Green



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