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Case Histories

Goldsmith Case


Goldsmith Case and Susannah Tatman are apparently the parents of Theophilus Case. If so, it appears that Theophilus is their first child.

Goldsmith Case and Susannah Tatman were married 23 August 1788 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Theophilus Case was born 3 September 1789.

Goldsmith Case is found in the following:

  • 1791 Tax List, Kentucky, Bourbon Co.
  • 1793 Tax list, Kentucky, Floyd Co., 150 acres land, 1 Male over 21.
  • 1802 Census, Ohio, Clermont Co.,
  • 1810 Census, Kentucky, Bracken Co., 2 M 10-16, 1 M over 45, 1 F under 10, 2 F 10-16, 1 F over 45. (this could be right, since Theophilus Case would have been 20 years of age, and on his own).
  • Signed petitions in Bourbon Co., KY, 1789/1790, [Filson Club Publication, No.
    27, PETITIONS OF THE EARLY INHABITANTS OF KENTUCKY to the General Assembly of Virginia, 1769 to 1792, by James Rood Robertson, M.A.Ph.D., publ. 1914]

Goldsmith Case has not been found after 1810.


Theophilus Case, his mark

Theophilus Case,

Theophilus Case appeared in St. Joseph Co., Indiana between 1830 and 1840. He filed a land patent in 1837. Before that, his records were less than certain. We know that he was in the War of 1812, enlisting in Ohio, from 25 April 1812 to 25 Oct 1812. He was taken prisoner at the surrender of Detroit during that war. Upon his return, he married Sarah Skidmore, in Clermont Co., Ohio, on the 24 December 1812.

Theophilus's family is found in the 1830 census in Wayne Co., Indiana, only three households away from his in-laws, Ralph and Mary Skidmore. Before that, we can only guess where they were. The earlier children were listed with a birthplace of Ohio, but with no documentation at all. Sarah Skidmore Case states in an affidavit (in pension papers) that there was no family bible in which their marriage might have been recorded, or we might hope to find a bible record which would give us a clue.

Theophilus and Sarah had twelve children, the first and last dying in infancy. Theophilus died 25 July 1846 in St. Joseph Co., Indiana. He is buried in the City Cemetery in South Bend, Indiana. His tombstone states that he died in 1845, but this is an error. When Theophilus died without a will, there were not enough liquid assets to cover expenses, and his land had to be sold to cover the debts. When it was all settled, each child received $6.01.

Theophilus probably could not read and write, although it appears that many of his children could. He signed his name with a very interesting mark,

which seemed to combine his initials. He was a farmer, and when his estate was inventoried, much of it consisted of farm implements, tools, animals, including bees.

Who were Theophilus' parents? It is thought that they were Goldsmith Case and Susannah Tatman. If so, Theophilus was their first child, being born on 3 September 1789. Goldsmith and Susannah were married 23 August 1788, in Bourbon Co., Kentucky, and were found in Clermont Co., Ohio and Bracken Co., Kentucky during the next 22 years.

It is thought that Theophilus might descend from the Long Island Cases, perhaps from Ichabod Case. The name Theophilus was used a great deal in these lines. No concrete proof has been found at this time; at least, not by this researcher.

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Samuel Skidmore Case

Samuel Skidmore Case was born 8 August 1815, the son of Theophilus Case and Sarah (Skidmore) Case. He married Elizabeth Miller, 1 July 1838, in Vermillion County, Indiana. We don't know why Samuel was in that area, or how he met Elizabeth. Apparently Elizabeth's family lived in Vermillion County. In 1850, the family lived in Parke County, Indiana. Samuel was listed as head of the family of a large boarding house; there were Samuel and Elizabeth, three of their children, and 15 other unrelated boarders in the household.

About 1853, Samuel moved his family to Wisconsin, living in Green or Lafayette County. At that time, families tended to migrate together, and this seemed to be the case in this instance. Several of Samuel's siblings, several of Elizabeth's siblings, and also Elizabeth's parents moved to Wisconsin at about that time.

Samuel was 45 years old when he enlisted in Company C of the Third Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteers in the Civil War, at Monroe, Wisconsin, on 25 February, 1862. He states that he was born in Brown County, Ohio, is 5 feet, 7 1/2 inches tall, has sandy complexion, hazel eyes, grey hair, and was by occupation a farmer. He was discharged from the Army due to a disability on 27 December, 1862.

Samuel again moved his family about 1868. Family tradition says that they came to Missouri by covered wagon, when their youngest son, Hiram, was about a year old. Again they did not travel alone. Samuel's brother John was in the adjacent household in Cooper County, Missouri in the 1870 census. Their brother Theophilus came to Cooper County a few years later.

Samuel resided in Cooper County, Missouri in 1870, and in Bates County in 1880. Later he moved to Blackwater, Cooper County, Missouri, where he died 15 December 1895. His wife, Elizabeth, died 30 November 1883.

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