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Samuel Skidmore Case (his history)


Samuel Skidmore Case, born 8 Aug 1815, died 15 Dec 1895 in Blackwater, Cooper County, Missouri. He is buried in Saltfork Cemetery, in Blackwater, Missouri.


He married Elizabeth Miller, 1 Jul 1838, Vermillion County, Indiana.


Elizabeth Miller was born 27 May 1820, died 30 Nov 1883. She is buried in Saltfork Cemetery with her husband.


Their children:

1) Jacob Miller Case, born 1841, m: Mrs. Mary Jane Robinson

2) Melissa A. Case, born 1848, m: Victor Colin

3) Samuel Frank Case, born 1850, m: Rebecca Elizabeth Dix

4) Elijah Alexander Case, born 1853, m: Cora Cassandra Chamberland

5) John Stephen Case, born 1856, m1: Elizabeth Jane Fickel, m2: Margarette Irma (Maggie) Harris

6) James Thomas Case, born 1859, m: Emma Jane Cartner

7) Charles Martain Case, born 1863, m: Idell Mercereau

8) Hiram Drane Case, born 1867, m: Louida Frances "Ida" Rennison


This family moved a lot. The first three children were born in Indiana, and the others in Green County, Wisconsin. When the baby was only a year old, they moved by wagon train from Wisconsin to Cooper County, Missouri.

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