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William Cartner


William Cartner was born 1810 in England, and died 21 April 1853 in Missouri. He married 28 July 1842 to Kesiah Robinson. William Cartner met a violent end as the result of a fight.


William Cartner and Kesiah Robinson had the following children:

1) Mary Cartner, born 1843

2) Charles R. Cartner, born 19 Jan 1845, died 12 Feb 1920, married Anna Lou Haley on 21 Dec 1880

3) Julia A. Cartner, born abt 1847, married Andrew J. Maddex on 25 April 1888

4) John N. Cartner, born 28 Mar 1849, died 27 Sep 1928, married Mary Ellen Hurt on 25 Dec 1877

5) Sarah Frances Cartner, born about 1850, married James H. Anderson on 15 Mar 1899

6) Elizabeth Cartner, born about 1852, married T. Edward Bonds on 12 Sep 1889

7) Laura Cartner, born 25 Dec 1853, died 7 Mar 1939, married William Frank Runkle on 16 Mar 1880.


William Cartner met a violent end as the result of a fight, as you will see in the following article.


A difficulty occurred on Tuesday afternoon, the 19th, at the dram shop of Robert Moore, in this city, between Andrew Ramsey and Wm. Cartner, in which the former stabbed the later with a bowie knife, inflicting a severe wound on the right side, which occasioned the death of Cartner on Thursday evening about sundown.

We understand that it was occasioned by a dispute about the division of profits growing out of some kind of a gambling co-partnership that had existed between them. We make no comments about the provocation, leaving that to be determined by a judicial investigation. Ramsey left when the act was committed and although the proper course has been pursued to apprehend him, he has not yet been taken. He is by birth, an Irishman, and has lived in Boonville nearly two years, during which time he had generally been employed as a bar-keeper. Cartner has resided in this county about 30 years and was by birth, an Englishman. He leaves a widow and five or six children.

It will be seen by an advertisement in another column, that $100 reward is offered by the Mayor to secure the arrest of Ramsey.

We have just been informed since the above was written, that upon a post mortem examination of Cartner, it was discovered that the knife had cut off a piece of the breast-bone, severed two ribs, cut through the diaphragm, and passed through the lower lobe of the right lung. His physicians state that it was impossible for him to live under the circumstances.

[Jefferson Inquirer, Saturday, April 30, 1853, 1/6.
This article was reprinted from the Boonville Observer.]




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