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James Cartner


James Cartner was born about 1800 in England. He died 1846,in Cooper County, Missouri.


He married Mary Rennison, 14 January 1830, in Cooper County, Missouri.


Mary Rennison was born about 1804 in England, and died May 1870 in Cooper County, Missouri.


Their children:

1) John Cartner, born about 1830, m: Rachel Rennison

2) Jane Cartner, born about 1831, m1: Stephen Yarnell, m2: Thomas Mercer

3) Polly Ann (Mary) Cartner, born about 1834, m: Joseph Yarnell

4) James M. Cartner, born about 1834, m: Margaret E. Dorsey

5) Mildred Cartner, born about 1836, m: Thomas Mercer

6) Sarah Creighton Cartner, born about 1837, m: James Harvey Rennison

7) Ardell Cartner, born about 1840, m: Henry Edward Stone

8) Henry Clay Cartner, born about 1843


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